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Overview of some coaching and advisory assignments
for confidentiality reasons names are not made public

3D software & scanning technology company
  • After 10 years of fundamental research, helped to define the go-to market strategy and world roll-out model of a new breakthrough technology.
  • Structured VC approach.
  • Defined organization growth model and steps.
Restructuring a company into 2 fast paced separate companies
  • Encouraged the split of the parent company into two separate legal entities, both focusing on new challenges.
  • One entity is focusing on the delivery of a new product idea, and a second company provides quality guidance to third parties.
  • Preparation of multi-generation ownership model involving current management.
  • Both separate companies achieve double digit growth.
World thought-leader market research company
  • Guided organizational growth model from founders to a partnership model.
  • Sounding board during different scale up steps over 7 years from a Belgium market focused company to a global player with offices in different continents.
  • Providing a second opinion on strategic or client issues.
Fast paced growing Belgium e-commerce company
  • Convinced owner to convert a proven marketing tool into separate new global e-platform.
  • Guiding seed capital acquisition, including. presentations, valuation & term sheet negotiations.
  • Providing contacts to added value capital providers.
Acquisition guidance
  • Enabling the dream of 2 young corporate talents, facilitating the acquisition of their first own company with 3-manufacturing sites and global sales.
  • Analyzing market opportunities & selecting the right target.
Belgium Health care service company
  • Set-up of operational planning processes and defining critical growth dashboards.
  • Defining portfolio extensions and pace in roll-out towards a specific target group of health providers.
  • Helped with top team second management layer recruitment and the establishment of an advisory board.
  • Guided the development of a stand alone IT-platform in support of this target group.
Belgium Manufacturing company
  • Helped to define 10-year growth and internationalization strategy and the definition of key milestones.
  • Growth strategy centered on a Quick Response
  • Manufacturing supply chain solution, enabling to compensate for a significant labor costs handicap in Belgium.
  • Coached founders to bring on board a new CEO.
Conversion of Belgium’s most popular weekly
  • Set-up of a separate company providing a “many to many” content creation as an alternative new cash flow revenue for a fundamentally declining existing business model.
  • Defining legal and ownership structure, MPV, growth steps, B2B and B2C marketing and communication solutions.
  • Cash flow positive within 12 months after incubation.
Video Channel builder
  • Guide young talent in building a successful service business in establishing You Tube video channels and improving SEA.
  • Step-up coaching to move beyond 10 people and acquiring first Silicon Valley based clients.
Globalizing leading design brand      
  • Established a growth strategy and organizational model for building a premium design brand, including defining seeding strategy, distribution build-up and product range pricing models.
Implementing Insurance broker acquisition strategy  
  • Set up of an acquisition model to allow fast absorption of smaller brokers.
  • Second opinion on acquisition targets and guidance during implementation of the acquisition.

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