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Today’s business environment is significantly different from yesterday’s. The pace is different, the world is global and stories of disruptive change are all the vogue. Yet some things do not change. Like personal rapport, trust and building relationships based on an open mind. Some things all our clients have in common: they are all different, demand a personal solution and prefer practical fast implementation, instead of lengthy reports. This is our aim and ambition.


Structured and tailored
Every opportunity requires a specific approach. This will vary, depending on your wishes and requirements and our insights and contribution. This tailored approach still calls for a structural step by step plan following most of the time a similar outline.

1. Starting the conversation

  • Sharing a drink or during a skype session, we start to grasp your challenges and opportunities. Based on this intake, we make a step by step proposal outlining scope, purpose, expected outcomes, goals and timings.

2. The scan

  • During 2 to 3 days we make an in-depth scan, identifying key topics and related issues, opportunities and competence improvement area’s, fully anchored in the client’s broader context.

3. Topic by topic analyses

  • Based on the outlined proposal we take a deep dive and seek solutions and insights that will make a difference going forward. When needed we engage specific experts from our network. These analyses will form the basis for the change recommendations.

4. Implementation

  • We provide hands-on support during the implementation phase when required, although we support our clients to drive the implementation phase through their own teams when sufficient managerial capacity is available. We open up our network, particularly useful when entering new markets.

5. Feedback and long term engagement

  • Our clients love to gain permanent feedback and, after a project, they seek long term second opinions and adjustment feedback. The format of these long term engagements is different depending on client requests, however they prove to be of high value. As such a project is an ideal kick for a long term engagement, often shaping long term durable friendships.

What sets us apart


Human engagement

We seek a deep and meaningful collaboration with our clients and their teams. When needed, we bring top technical expertise on board from our network such as brand name and patent registration or local market support in relevant markets. We are a network, your contact point however is stable in the long run, maintaining acquired insights and specific market/ company knowledge, even at times when your organization goes through different stages of change.


Personal engagement

We like to be challenged and love solutions with the consumer at the heart of the value chain. We stay on top of technical evolutions and activate these insights with our clients so they are rightly timed and can be used to their advantage. We do not sell fashionable “scaring stories” or invent a new buzz word such as “big data”. Instead we get involved with the gaming industry to gain insides on timing and opportunities around “serious gaming” and how it will empower end-users to execute properly on big data networks. And we work with the start-up community, companies such as Taglayer, who are handling big datasets daily. This allows our clients to build their own balanced view and make them relevant internally.

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