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Many Business leaders will endorse the need to question everything in order to stay vigilant. Markets, technologies and competitors change constantly, forcing adaptation and innovations. New disruptive models come ever faster and from unexpected competitors and are often fuelled by digital revolutions.

Transition and innovation are the only constant factors and one must leave the old comfort zones to discover new and exiting territories. They often come with new rules and changed client behaviours. How do you manage the risk and the required transitions? How do you define the pace?


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We view innovations as rare events, needing a right context to be spotted, nurtured and explored. Many real innovations start life as part of a bottom up initiative, often of strategy. They typically somehow “find a home” in the organization, so that these initiatives are nurtured and cared for from “hunch” to “market test” and beyond. Most of the time hard work constitutes the basis for brilliant ideas.


We have been coaching many innovation projects, transferring our personal experiences in delivering real global successful innovations. Some initiatives became big successes, some failed, however all led to more insights in delivering innovations, which we are happy to share. They are different to the “Apple and Uber guru repertoire” and will be selected based on your company specific situation and needs.

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Jointly with clients, we believe in a corporate culture that enables growth through innovations. We have developed a set of relevant questions, evaluating the innovation culture. These questions form the basis of an innovation framework which is more people centric rather than process driven.

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